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The holiday season is a time when people are encouraged to focus on gratitude, loved ones, and rest. But for Amazon warehouse employees, the holiday, or “peak,” season, looks a little bit different. They will experience nothing but dehumanizing, injurious, and sometimes fatal working conditions.

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This holiday season, Amazon has announced one-day shipping, boasting it as evidence of how much they care about their customers. But what about their employees that are maimed and killed?

During peak season, seasonal workers are added to the warehouses – this means the spaces are filled with under-trained and inexperienced employees. That will only compound Amazon’s already despicable track record of employee injury and abuse.

Amazon is known for its convenience and speed, but according to a report by Reveal from the Center for Investigative Reporting, those perks come at the cost of life and limb. This report found that Amazon’s warehouses average over twice the amount of serious injuries compared to the entire warehouse industry.

Many of these injuries occur because of Amazon’s ridiculous productivity demands – workers must scan one item, no matter how big or heavy, every 11 seconds in order to meet their quota. They cannot concentrate on proper training because if their productivity wanes, they are fired. Ironically, once they are injured due to speeding through items, they are often left permanently debilitated and therefore fired anyway.

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